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"An ambitious and evocative literary poetic novel." --Tales of Woe
Cameron PM
“No punches held here, this book will put you in the middle of situations you would not wish on anyone and then show you the unbreakable resilience of the human spirit.” -- Tales of Woe
Amazon Review
"Fascinating, Horrifying, Beautiful. Read this book immediately. You will not regret it. Tales of Woe was a roller coaster that shook me to my core. 10/10 must read." -- Tales of Woe
Amazon Review
“Tay Reem has a way of captivating you from beginning to end. I was in an array of emotions, I connected to the characters...The words were so vivid, yes it is technically poetry but it reads like a story...a tall tale where you’re almost guessing if it’s real. It’s that spot on.” -- Tales of Woe
Lola Roe | Goodreads  Review
“This is such a pleasure reading. I can sense the author’s conviction in her words, as they paint very vivid pictures in each and every poem.” -- Tales of Woe
Amazon Review
"Tay Reem is an immensely talented author. Dirty Laundry, Silence is an Answer and Trippin' are just a few of my favorites from her debut collection. One of the best literary purchases I've made in a long while." -- Tales of Woe
Chelsey Lucas | Blogger


Harishma, Book Blogger

"This was unquestionably one of the best Poetry I’ve ever read! Tales of Woe had me bawling my eyes out and I read the whole book three times, just because I couldn’t get enough of it..."

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Lou, Book Blogger

"Interestingly enough, the two poems I enjoyed the most didn’t really fall into the main ‘plot’. Both ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’ read as short stories rather than poems, and I found it fascinating how Reem combined both forms in a single piece. She does it very successfully; there’s still the rhythm and flow of poetry yet the narrative structure of a short story..."

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Lia, Book Blogger
"I truly don't know where to start with this book BUT there's one thing I can say - it was INCREDIBLE. it's raw and emotional. it makes you feel things, makes you think. I would classify it as a poetry thriller - if that's even a genre. it touches on family problems, mental stability and child abuse. I mean, it doesn't only touch it, it completely digs their hand in it. it felt like I was that character, feeling those emotions, struggling with myself. I completely submerged into this story and these people. and I love that."

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